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You have worked hard all your life to get your mortgage paid off, and you are happy in the knowledge that when you die your family will receive a nice inheritance.

However, now you are retired, you have realised your retirement income is not allowing you to do the things you want to do. Maybe you would like to have your garden landscaped or even spend the winters in warmer climates, but you do not have the funds to do it.

You have heard of Equity Release, but leaving that inheritance is very important to you.

Well, did you know, you can take out an Equity Release Mortgage and still leave an inheritance for your family?

By taking some equity from your property it will reduce the amount of inheritance you leave, however, todays Equity Release Mortgages offer ways to protect some of the remaining equity in your home.


First, you can opt to make interest only payments each month to the loan, same as you would a normal interest only mortgage. Provided, you maintain these payments and pay the full amount of interest due each month, the debt will not increase.


If you feel you cannot afford to do this, many lenders offer, ‘Inheritance Protection’ on their products. This means that when you take Equity Release, you can state that you still want a certain percentage of the equity in your home to be able to be left as an inheritance when you do die and this will be built into the mortgage. Having this included may slightly reduce the amount you can borrow.

So, to have enough money to do the things you want and enjoy retirement, please call 01245-806119 for a no obligation chat and let me explain all about Equity Release Mortgages to you.

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