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The FCA has recently carried out a report on the advice given to clients by Equity Release Advisers.

They concluded that, Equity Release is a valuable area of Financial Advice and that:

“Where customers were suitably advised, we have seen some good outcomes where consumers ended up with an equity release product that met their long-term needs."

If you are considering raising equity on your property, you need to speak to an adviser who is going to explain to you all the options available. As not many people realize that there are sometimes alternatives available.

For example:

Some mortgage lenders will allow clients up to age 85 to have a standard residential mortgage.

Do you intend moving in the future? How will any prospective Equity Release provider handle this request?

If you are consolidating debts, is Equity Release the best way to do this?

Do you understand the costs involved if you find yourself in a position to repay the Equity Release loan?

So how do you make sure you have an adviser who has your best interests at heart? And who will look at all other options before recommending Equity Release? Contact Hayley at Blackberry Mortgage Services on 01245-806119.

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