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Since Covid the amount of people on the NHS waiting list has gone through the roof.

Not only that, if your GP is anything like mine, they are trying to avoid seeing patients and only offering telephone appointments.

This means illnesses and conditions are at risk of not being diagnosed, or incorrectly diagnosed. Serious illnesses may not get diagnosed in time for life saving treatment to commence.

If this is something that worries you, have you thought about looking at Private Medical Insurance?

It may not be as expensive as you think.

Plans can be tailored to suit budget and needs and more importantly you will beat the NHS queues.

Not only that, it is the only insurance you take out that can actually save your life.

Below are some of the benefits of having private health insurance:

Choose your hospital – You have a list of hospitals to choose from and, when staying in a private hospital you also get your own private room and bathroom.

Access to the latest licenced cancer treatment – You can even get treatment that isn’t even available on NHS. Also, chemotherapy and radiotherapy is included.

Diagnostic Treatments – MRI and CT Scans and other diagnostic treatments are covered.

Outpatient Therapies – therapies such as physiotherapy can be covered.

Out of Hours GP Services – online and telephone appointments available.

If you are interested in taking out private medical insurance, give me a call on 01245 806119.

Your life might just depend on it!!

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